Beer line cleaner new pack size
Our new pack sizes will make light work of your monthly line cleaning schedule

New to the market and proving very popular with customers is our new pack size, 4 x 500ml bottles. Available in both Protinate and Prosan Plus, each bottle contains highly concentrated line cleaner which  is simple to use with just a 1% dose, meaning the full 500ml bottle can be emptied into a 50L cleaning vessel.

No more worries about over-dosing or under-dosing causing taint or damage to lines, or half empty bottles being left in the cellar.

That’s a whole MONTH of beer line cleaning sorted – and no drama!  

Prosan Plus 4 x weekly cleans –  Our purple beer line cleaner with dye added, from as little as 75p per clean.

Protinate 4 x weekly cleans – Our heavy duty clear beer line cleaner, from as little as 82p per clean.

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