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Beverage Dispense

You know only too well that the cleanliness of your beverage dispense systems is vital to the quality of your drinks.

Proton offers a complete range of specialised hygiene solutions specifically designed for the cleaning and disinfection of all types of beverage dispense equipment from keg to cask, manual and automatic systems.

From beers to ciders, wines to soft drinks – our products are suitable for all types of dispensed drinks. Our internationally recognised range of beverage dispense cleaning products are approved and recommended by Cask Marque, leading brewers, drinks manufacturers and major licensed retail operators.

Our range of professional drinks dispense cleaning products and support services offer you a solution for every stage of your drinks dispense, from the beerline cleaning to glasswashing we know a effective dispense system maintenance is critical in safeguarding drinks quality, which is vital for you business.

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Glass Wash and Care

Did you know that glassware causes up to 90% of drinks quality problems found in the licensed trade. In a recent market survey 41% of people served a less than perfect drink in a dirty glass said they would go elsewhere next time – Startling results! Think of the possible effects on your business.

The Proton Group have been the market leader in glasswashing and glass care products for over 40 years, providing the hospitality industry with effective, high quality, innovative concepts to solve any issue.

From our tried, tested and trusted Renovate® powder to restore and renew tired glasses, to our patented lipstick pre-treatment system, Quash, through to our unique plastic & polycarbonate safe detergent and rinse aid we can provide you with the complete cleaning and care package.

Perfect glassware is one of the most important parts of being able to give your customer the perfect drinking experience and with Proton you’ll have quality for Keg through to glass.

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Dish and Ware Washing

You wouldn’t accept poor or dirty tableware, so why would your customer? This will not only impact your sales but also your future business with the growth in Customer Review Websites.

Quality, style and presentation are 3 key areas of serving the perfect meal, as they say the first bit is taken with the eye. Imagine how a dirty plate, knife or fork would make you feel as you sat down to eat a scrumptious dish.

The Proton range of Dish & Ware Washing products have been specially designed to give you excellent results every time. With detergents, available for both manual and automatic dosing machines, and rinse aids able to cope with all levels of baked on food, in any water hardness area.  Our unique Halo Polycarb detergent and rinse aid products are safe to use with all types of plastic, melamine and aluminium dish & tableware and are perfect for both canteens and holiday parks.

With Proton in your kitchen, canteen or restaurant your dishes and cutlery will have that perfect sparkle for every customer.

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Proton know that you could have the perfect presentation in all other aspects of your establishment but a dirty floor, counter top or toilet can be as off putting to a customer as lipstick on a glass or old food stuck to cutlery.

To ensure quality presentation Proton have developed a range of high quality janitorial products. Suitable for use from the Kitchen through to bar and bathrooms & washrooms.

Our Kitchen range includes a range of food safe surface sanitisers, heavy duty degreasers, descalers and oven cleaners.

For front of house we offer a range of carpet & upholstery cleaners, glass & shiny surface cleaner, furniture and multi-surface polishes.

We also offer a range of toilet cleaners, air fresheners, and surface cleaners designed to give your washrooms and bathrooms that fresh clean sparkle.

Always at the forefront of innovation Proton have just launched The Fresh Instant a range of water soluble super concentrates, no mess, no fuss and the equivalent of 7.5L of cleaning liquid in 10g sachets.

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Laundry & Fabric Care

In a recent survey 99% of hotel guests stated that providing good quality clean linen and towels was essential with 96% saying that they are less likely to return if the cleanliness of the linen and towels is not up to standard and would make comments on social media/Trip Advisor sites.

Proton have been providing a high quality, effective and economical laundry care solutions for over 20 years.

This experience has allowed us to create a range of products that work at every stage of the laundry process.  From stain removal pre-treatments, powder and liquid detergents, fabric softeners through to whiteness boosters, easy iron formulations and now longer lasting freshness with our new encapsulated perfume technology.

Our products are designed with commercial laundries in mind but are also gentle enough for use in the home or small business laundry rooms.

Perfect laundry does take effort, but Proton can help remove some of the pressure by providing the laundry solution best suited to your needs and equipment.

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