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Introducing the Proton Team!

We have a real mix of people at Proton so here is the third of our staff profiles from our head office in Normanton, West Yorkshire. It’s Carol, one of our Customer Service Advisers.


Name: Carol


Time with Proton: 13 Years


Job title: Customer Service Advisor


Previous Life? I worked for Brakes catering company and also for Carlsberg so I have been involved in companies that are in the food and beverage industries for a very long time!


A Day in Your Life at Proton: As a Customer Service Advisor my day’s are very varied depending on what our customers are contacting us about.

I deal with everything from initial email and telephone enquiries to courier queries, order processing, delivery confirmations, and product queries.

I am part of our customers first experience with Proton and I take that responsibility seriously and make sure that I treat people as I would want to be treated.


Best Part of Your Job?  The people I work with everyday! I enjoy coming to work.


What Makes you Smile? My Grandchildren and spending time with them both at home and in my favourite weekend haunt, Ripon where we spend many lovely weekends.


Likely to Have in Your Sandwich? I’m trying to cut down on bread so it isn’t featuring too much on my lunch menu but Ham & Cheese is probably my favourite.


Tea or Coffee? Tea of course


What do you order at the bar? A nice Gin and Tonic.



Look out for our next update to find out which member of the Proton team will be featured next!