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Introducing the Proton Team!

We have a real mix of people at Proton so here is the second of our staff profiles from our head office in Normanton, West Yorkshire. It’s Josh, our Production Planner.


Name: Josh Dyson


Time with Proton: 5 Months


Job title: Production Planner


Previous Life? Previously I was a production planner for a light fitting company in my home town of Doncaster for 3 years.


A Day in Your Life at Proton:  I am responsible for running a daily, weekly and monthly schedule for the factory so we can run efficiently and each line knows what’s expected of them and what we are looking to produce.

I also deal with and oversee stock control and stock ordering to ensure we always have enough ingredients for products, packaging, and any other items we need. Good organisational skills are an absolute must for my role!

I also deal with any after sales issues that come up infrequently.

We have recently changed and updated some of our packaging to make it more user friendly, and safer to transport and store. Before the launch we made sure we did numerous test runs to check everything was working on the packaging line correctly.


Best Part of Your Job?  The people I work with of course!


What Makes you Smile? My niece and nephews when I visit them, and Whisky but not together, that would be irresponsible!


Likely to Have in Your Sandwich? Chicken, I love it!


Tea or Coffee? Neither. I am not a big fan of hot drinks


What do you order at the bar? A pint of Black Sheep always hits the mark.


Look out for our next update to find out which member of the Proton team will be featured next!