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Nothing, but nothing, grinds the gears of your bar staff more than grabbing a clean glass when it’s absolutely heaving on the other side of the bar, only to discover the rim of it is smeared with L’Oréal’s Color Riche in Plum Gold. Gorgeous on the lip, nightmare on the glass.

Even worse is when your customer spots it before you do.

Why is lipstick so darn stubborn?

The ingredients in your average lippy are as long as your arm, but essentially they are made up of waxes, oils, pigments (either plant, mineral or synthetically derived) and fragrance. The waxes are usually natural beeswax or carnauba and these have a melting point of up to 85°C. The wash and rinse cycle temperature of your glasswasher should be no higher than 65°C – and therein lies the problem. You start washing your glasses at a higher temperature to get rid of lipstick and you are looking at a whole world of glass bloom and a short shelf life.

Not a problem you can gloss over

So, you have to do something before you put lippy and grease-marked glasses in the washer. Wiping with a damp cloth is a bad idea as lint and detergent traces transfer to the glass. Slices of lemon are ok, if a bit of a faff, but their acidity can neutralise your glass wash detergent, making the wash less effective all round.

Luckily there’s a product specially formulated to go into battle with the gobby old lippy…


Quash – made to make your life easier

There are two reasons that Quash is completely brilliant:

  • It works like a dream – the patented PH neutral formula removes lipstick and wax in a jiffy.
  • It’s dead easy – just soak the foam pad in Quash solution and place it next to your glasswasher. Twist the upturned glass on the foam pad and you’re done!

Quash keeps your glasses sparklingly clean and can even help reduce the need to renovate.


Practical solutions, designed for you.

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