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Keeping overheads down is an important part of running any kind of establishment. We are all looking for the best deal and avoiding any kind of wastage wherever possible.

Proton’s range of products not only ensures you are delivering the perfect serve, but with a new, lower minimum order for free shipping you get to shave a bit more off your overheads!


All orders over £30 qualify for free shipping

Why not bundle your required products together and order ahead? There are limitless combinations you can put together to ensure you have all the products you need, when you need them without the added cost of having them delivered.

Ordering in bulk also means that you ultimately have to spend less time doing it!


How far do Proton Products go?


The absolute necessities to ensure the perfect serve:

  • Line Cleaner (Protinate or Prosan Plus) – One month of really effective cleaning  (4 x weekly cleans)
  • Glasswash Detergent (Protobrite) – 1 bottle lasts about 10 days
  • Glasswash Rinse Aid (Krystal Klear) – 1 bottle lasts for every 2-3 detergents
  • Renovate – comes in a 2.5kg tub and is used every 8-12 weeks on all glassware


Products to help you with day-today hygiene issues:

  • Quash – Glass pre-treatment to remove lipstick and grease – only a small amount required for each glass
  • Cellar Hygiene Spray – a Cellarman’s best friend
  • Sparkler/Nozzle cleaner – A product you can rely on
  • Guardian – Perfect for keeping secondary bar lines clean


Put together your ultimate shopping list and get your products shipped absolutely free!