New chemical legislation is coming into effect on the 1st of June that changes the way we have to label the products we send to our customers.

The hazard symbols, risk and safety information that we already put on every label is changing, but the product we put in the bottle is not.

Why the Changes?

The United Nations have published a new regulation which has changed the way countries have to classify and label chemical substances and mixtures, this is known as The Global Harmonised System of Classification.  To enforce this in law the European Union have brought out their own regulation The Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (CLP)

New Hazard Pictograms

You will already recognise the Orange Box symbols we put on some of the product you purchase from us, these are being replaced by new symbols (In the banner above), as you can see most of them are very similar with only 2 new ones.  The exclamation mark which replaces the X and the Severe Health Hazard Symbol.

New Signal Words

All the new pictograms will be shown with a new signal word

Warning : This indicates a less hazardous material
Danger   : This indicates a more hazardous material

Along with new labelling you will also need an updated Safety Data Sheet which will be available on the Proton website as soon as possible.