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Watch out – here’s the gloom and doom bit –

There are clear reasons why a cellar should be as clean as a bar. For one, the law. If an inspector thinks your cellar is even at risk of contamination you are in for a world of trouble and possible prosecution.

Then there’s the problem of bacteria – if left to spread they will get everywhere and that includes your beer. Bacteria and wild yeast can grow in the cellar environment and whenever you change the casks or kegs, these can become infected if the bacteria and wild yeasts are disturbed and become air borne or fall onto the cask or keg. There are cases of bacteria which can grow in the cellar and on cellar walls, which gives off a gas from the Ethylene family which can leach through the plastic wall of beer lines.

If left, your cellar will become the go-to party destination for rodents and slugs.

All this adds up to flavour taints, increased wastage and customer complaints, leaving your profit margins and credibility flat-lining.

So, that’s all the gloom and doom out of the way, on with the positive stuff!

It doesn’t take much to incorporate cellar hygiene

Once you make a habit of giving your cellar the once over, it is easy to maintain and we have fantastic products to make it super easy and super effective. A weekly clean before your dray arrives means you can move things round and get into all the nooks and crannies.

For soaking cask equipment – don’t bother will line-cleaner, you have to be careful with the dosage and it becomes unstable if left. Instead use:

Guardian – Our food-safe line protector is also perfect for soaking cask equipment.  As Guardian is not chlorine based it will last a lot longer than line cleaning chemicals when being used as a soak.  The solution should be changed every week.


For almost everything else

Cellar Hygiene Spray is a must-have in the cellar if only for pure convenience and effectiveness. It is a food-safe sanitiser and is suitable for use in all areas of the cellar.  It has been proven to remove mould and bacteria from pretty much everything – from keg couplers, cleaning sockets through to the tops of chillers.  Independent testing by Joules Brewery has shown a count of only 2 CFU (Colony forming units) (Anything less than 100 is great) where Cellar Hygiene Spray has been used.  It can also be used on patches of mould on cellar walls.  Simply spray on and leave to dry.

Time to make your Cellar Hygiene Spray work hard so you don’t have to!

Laugh in the face of the ‘no pain, no gain’ adage and get Proton cellar hygiene products on your team. No mess. No fuss. Just clean.