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As a UK manufacturing business established since 1971, we have traded in many economic climates to during that time. 2016 was a year of concern for many companies with the Brexit vote and the uncertainty that has come with it, and the shockwaves are still being felt in the economy.

Last year for us was the continuation of a programme of digital transformation we commenced in the latter part of 2015 with the delivery of a new improved website to modernise our online presence. In 2016 this has been coupled with the launch of our partner site Cellarcraft and a new ecommerce site Proton Direct allowing direct ordering of our products

Behind the scenes there has been an unbelievable amount of back room work on the labelling of our products, and sizing for storage, shipping and packaging. Transporting chemicals is highly specialised and with the Dangerous Goods Act regulations to adhere to alongside health and safety considerations for couriers and customers, we made the decision to change some products to a single dose.
This ensures correct dosage and is much safer for the end user with less storage space needed.
These changes mean that we have made considerable investment in new plant and machinery including the installation of a new filling and packing line for enhanced speed and productivity in addition to a new labelling line for our smaller packs.
The press report that UK manufacturing is now on a high and the FTSE 100 is performing better than ever which is positive.
Personally we are yet to see any real negative post Brexit effect and recently Directors Murray Angus and David Shaw spent time in Germany with Calvatis GmbH. working on a new joint venture which will allow further trade and distribution of Proton products in first Germany then other countries to follow in Europe with reciprocal importing into the UK for our German trading partner

We’ve also help deliver a new European website with one of the largest drinks producers in the world Diageo to help enhance the quality of their beer offering and provide our recommended hygiene solutions to enable the perfect pint.
Our reputation really is global!

Our Md Murray Angus has always maintained that it is very much business as usual stating that “Businesses want to trade with Britain.”

If we didn’t have enough projects in the pipeline we have undertaken an office overhaul at our Normanton headquarters. The upstairs of our premises is being reconfigured to accommodate further customer service staff and account management.
This reflects the increase in direct website orders for the business, ensuring that we continue to have a reputation for the personal touch alongside great products as our distribution grows.

We are certainly looking forward to what 2017 brings and where our business is heading.